Andrew Torre 

June 13, 2017 My next guest and I have known each other since 1996! Right after graduating from music school in addition to performing, I began teaching drums and percussion in suburban Philadelphia.  One of my very first private drum students was my guest, Andrew Torre.  I have very fond memories of driving to his parents' house, to teach a lesson, and being greeted by his mother and father, his grandfather and their dachshunds.  I knew from the beginning that this kid was going places in the music business.  His knowledge of drums and drummers, as an 11 year old, rivaled many pros that I knew.  His strong family bonds, coupled with his love of drumming has gotten him to the top of the music business. Andrew is currently the drum tech and audio playback technician with the world-wide pop sensation, Panic! at the Disco, an avid drum collector/historian and freelance audio technician.











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