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Jerry Weldon Podcast

June 4, 2018 If I have ever interviewed someone that I could categorize as a character  it is definetly my next guest, saxman, Jerry Weldon!  Brimming with enthusiasm for life and jazz, Jerry has held the tenor saxophone chair with many…

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Ray Deeley Podcast

January 10, 2018 I've been looking forward to this interview for a long-time, one of the most inspiring teachers I ever had, drumset player and percussionist extraordinaire Mr. Ray Deeley!  I was very fortunate to take private drumset and percussion…

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Daniel Glass Podcast

January 8, 2018 My first guest of the new year is award-winning drummer, author, educator Daniel Glass.  In this episode we discuss Daniel's unique experiences growing up in Honolulu, Hawaii in the 60's and 70's, his college days leading a…

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Bernie Dresel Podcast

October 12, 2017 My next guest started taking drum lessons at just 4 years old: Bernie Dresel!  Growing up in western Pennsylvania getting a healthy diet of polka and hillbilly music and eventually moving onto to study classical percussion and music education…

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Eddie Luisi Podcast

October 9, 2017 My next guest is often referred to as The Stage Manager to The Stars: Eddie Luisi.  Eddie has been the stage manager on "Good Morning America" in Times Square, NYC since 1987.  The list of musicians, actors…

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Neil grover

Neil Grover Podcast

September 28, 2017 The words from my next guest are both articulate and brimming with the shimmering nuances, much like his trademark tambourines and triangles; a living legend in the percussion community, Neil Grover.  Neil shares memories of some his most memorable performances with…

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Andrew Torre Podcast

June 13, 2017 My next guest and I have known each other since 1996! Right after graduating from music school in addition to performing, I began teaching drums and percussion in suburban Philadelphia.  One of my very first private drum students was…

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Nitzan Haroz Podcast

March 27, 2017 In December of 2016 while at a rehearsal with The Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorale for their holiday concert series, from my seat at the drumset, I was blown away by the beautiful trombone sound coming from…Read more
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NAMM GenNext Round-table

A very special video presentation on Sean J. Kennedy's Backstage at The Enharmonic

NAMM GenNext Session:  "Knocking Down Walls to Strengthen Your Foundation" 

Presented on, Thursday, January 19 — 10:30 am to 11:25 am  
Anaheim Hilton, Level 4…

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Mark Amentt Podcast

January 14, 2017 Happy New Year!  The first episode of Backstage at The Enharmonic for 2017 features bass player and Director of Sales for Casio America: Mark Amentt.  

Mark gives a lot of valuable advice to young folks that…

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Steve Glanzmann Podcast

October 31, 2016 In this episode I speak to a gentleman with a highly specialized job, librarian for The Philadelphia Orchestra, Steve Glanzmann.   Roughly only 350 folks in the entire world hold a similar job, our discussion sheds light…Read more

Rachel Zatcoff Podcast

October 24, 2016: Hot off Broadway's Phantom of The Opera playing the part of 'Christine Daaé', my next guest Rachel Zatcoff chats with me about her early influences, a failed attempt at trying out for The Al Abert's Showcase television show…Read more

Rich Daniels Podcast

October 17, 2016 Live from the Chicagoland area I had a chance to chat with Rich Daniels, saxophonist, conductor and composer.  Rich is the founder and leader of The City Lights Orchestra, and is the conductor for the JerryRead more

Seth Hanes Podcast

October 10, 2016: This is a MUST "listen to" for folks trying to break into the freelance scene!  Digital marketing consultant and musician Seth Hanes shares stories and advice on building your brand, to get more gigs.  He talks about…Read more

Gordon Goodwin Podcast

September 6, 2016: If you've ever played in a middle school or high school jazz band or have seen the movies The Majestic, National Treasure, Remember the Titans, Armageddon, Star Trek: Nemesis, The Incredibles, Snakes on a Plane, Race to Witch Mountain, Con Air, AttackRead more

Jeff Sipe Podcast

August 28, 2016: In this episode I get to talk with one of my all-time favorite drummers, Jeff Sipe.  I've been a fan of Jeff's since 1994, when I first heard him with Col. Bruce Hampton and The Aquarium Rescue…Read more
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Capathia Jenkins Podcast

August 22, 2016:  I was very lucky to find a few minutes to speak with Capathia Jenkins this week.  When not performing on TV and Broadway, she is busy crisscrossing the globe performing on the world’s biggest stages with…Read more
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Dave Black Podcast

August 13, 2016:  In this episode we chat with percussion and publishing powerhouse Dave Black.  Dave reminisces about first hearing the power of a drumline at a parade when he was 7 years old, purchasing and learning to play guitar before…

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Clayton Cameron (The Brush Master) Podcast

July 20, 2016: I  am happy to welcome a true drumming legend and personal hero of mine, The Brush Master: Clayton Cameron.  In this episode we learn about Big C's (that's what Sammy Davis, Jr. called him) time in the…Read more
Why a podcast?
Through my decades in the music business as a performer, composer, arranger, and/or educator I’ve accumulated a vast rolodex of the world’s leading musical innovators.  From this pool of contacts, I came up with the idea of creating this podcast, Backstage at The Enharmonic, to get a candid look at what music may have inspired my guests in their formative years and who are some of the current artist that they are listening to, especially outside of their genre.  The goal of this project is to dispel misconceptions about their tastes, to surprise listeners and fans, to entertain and take listeners to an unexpected point of resolution and to think differently about musical categorizations. 

Music takes us to the most unusual places sometimes!
This picture exemplifies why I started this podcast, it is from a gig that I did a few years ago.  Yes, a car caught on fire and exploded in the woods right behind my drumset.  No one was injured.  Everyday is an adventure! 

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