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I had never soloed on a record or in a live performance before, so when Sean J. Kennedy asked me to play a drum duet with him, I was a little hesitant. The tune titled "Queen Anne's Revenge" became my challenge.  The first time I heard his drumming was when he sent me the MP3 of the song. Sean and his wife Heather (she play's percussion) soloed over a jazz rock feel.  My first thought was "obviously he doesn't know I don't do solos" The drums and percussion on the track were great, why did he want me? I had no idea what to do. Luckily for me Sean is also an excellent teacher. He has been a fan of mine for many years and knew what he wanted from me. He actually taught me about myself, like the great teacher he is, he pulled out of me exactly what he wanted for the track. I think "Queen Anne's Revenge" show's Excellence in Sean's drumming, teaching, songwriting, and arranging.  

If you or anyone you know wants to learn drumming or just brush up on your chops, call Sean. Oh and did I mention, he a nice guy too!


Liberty DeVitto

November 28, 2006

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What they're saying...

Sesquicentennial: Our Band Heritage

Volume 19
Allentown Band
Ronald Demkee, conductor
AMP 24024

I cannot think of a better tribute to the 150th anniversary of Sousa’s birth than this superlative recording by the Allentown Band. This is a band rich in history and was well received by the March King. Ronald Demkee has chosen a program featuring many compositions that will be unfamiliar to the casual listener but are most deserving of an audience. Sesquicentennial is much more than your average Sousa march collection; this is a fascinating arrary of various work that show a side of Sousa few have known. I highly recommend this magnificent recording. Reviewer: Ira Novoselsky
BandWorldMagazine Oct-Dec 2004

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In 2003, The Allentown Band was the subject of a WLVT-TV-produced a documentary titled, The Allentown Band, 175 Years of Musical Memories.

The Band Plays On!: The Allentown Band's 175th Anniversary
published 2003, written by conductor Ronald Demkee
"Sing, Choir of Angels" DVD

What they're saying...

"Your drumming sounds like it should - it swings!" [about CD "Queen Anne's Revenge"]
Dave Brubeck, jazz legend 


"Fierce album!" [about CD "Hey! Where's My Tux?!"]
Rachel Zatcoff, singer/actress

" grooves with a great feel. You're going to swear
Sean grew up around the Mississippi Delta."  [about CD "Ramblin' Ant"]
“...creatively new, but built on solid foundations of traditional jazz.” [about CD "Road to Wailea"]

"There are a lot of onions on this young man’s cheesesteak..." 
DRUM! Magazine