SJK Drumsticks

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Get a pair of these American Classic® Nylon Vic Firth 5AN Drumsticks customized with Sean J. Kennedy’s signature and logo on the front of the sticks!

-Nylon tip for added clarity on cymbals and added durability

-Great all-around size and weight for any musical situation

-Crafted from premium USA Hickory

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BOOKS by Sean J. Kennedy

"HELP! I'M NOT A DRUMMER! [...but I have some in my ensemble.]"

by Sean J. Kennedy
Designed for the ensemble conductor who needs a quick-help guide to teach percussion, this book will provide all the tools necessary to effectively guide a young percussion section. 


by Sean J. Kennedy
An exciting introduction to solo percussion performance.

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by Richie Cannata and Sean J. Kennedy
book and multi-media CD
Jazz improv play-along book for ALL instruments

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by Liberty DeVitto and Sean J. Kennedy
book and MP3 CD
Beginner to advanced drumset techniques

From an online interview...

----Why did you decide to write the book?

DeVitto: I get irritated when I hear a young drummer or a new drummer goes out and buys a video or a book by a drummer that is so advanced that even a well-seasoned player has a hard time following along. I believe the first beats you learn are the beats you with you for the rest of your drumming adventure. In the book, there are beats that every drummer starts to play when he or she sits down behind the kit, no matter how advanced they are. This is where you need to start.  Full interview here 

by Liberty DeVitto and Sean J. Kennedy
book and MP3 CD
Beginner to advanced play-along drumset book

Christmas Music

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Almost4 "Merry Christmas!"
(Lo-Fi Records 2002)

A musical Christmas postcard by Almost4 (Erin Stroup, Ray Clemens and Sean J. Kennedy) featuring instrumental jazz versions of holiday favorites:

God Rest Ye' Merry Gentlemen
You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch
Santa Claus is Coming to Town


SEan J. Kennedy recordings

Sean J. Kennedy Quartet: Queen Anne
Sean J. Kennedy Band: Hey! Where
KAV Trio: Outta