Eddie Luisi 

October 9, 2017 My next guest is often referred to as The Stage Manager to The Stars: Eddie Luisi.  Eddie has been the stage manager on "Good Morning America" in Times Square, NYC since 1987.  The list of musicians, actors, comedians, and personalities that he has worked with is a real who's-who list in popular culture.   Eddie is just a blast to be around and to talk to.  In this episode he shares sage advice for young people and some great behind the scenes stories about Nathan East, Prince, Amy Grant, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Big Bird, James Brown and even recounts being on set for Elmo's Sesame Street debut. When not working in television Eddie is an active church musician and mentors scores of high school musicians.

Eddie currently works at "Good Morning America" and gives motivational & inspiring talks to high school & college students from around the U.S. who come and visit NYC and the set of GMA.



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