Gordon Goodwin 

September 6, 2016: If you've ever played in a middle school or high school jazz band or have seen the movies The Majestic, National Treasure, Remember the Titans, Armageddon, Star Trek: Nemesis, The Incredibles, Snakes on a Plane, Race to Witch Mountain, Con Air, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes or have watched Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, or Tom and Jerry on TV then you've heard my guest Gordon Goodwin's music!

This interview is fun, action packed and has some unexpected twists and turns, just like Gordon’s music.  We start by geeking-out about our love of John Williams’ music.  Then we hit on topics such as Gordon's early musical life, finding a balance between writing readily accessible music that still has some meaningful content, his opinion about the state of popular music, funding for the arts in schools, how technology has expedited the composing process, his flute recording swan-song, his new radio show on KJazz 88.1 FM, performance wisdom that he gained from Johnny Mathis, his new recording with the Little Phat Band: ‘An Elusive Man’ and we even touch on the The JFK assassination(!?) and much more!